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Jesus Accepts Us Just As We Are

What a comfort, what a promise! Of course like all slogans that are not Bible verses, this one can both help and confuse. And yes – this is not a Bible verse, so strictly speaking it is not a promise.

But this slogan can help, because no matter how wretched we are, there is hope. No one is beyond the help of Christ. More specifically, no one is beyond his salvation.

The Samaritan woman Jesus met at a well was leading a terrible life (John 4). One sin after another, sins that had made her a social outcast, so that she had to go for water in the heat of the day when nobody else was there. Yet Jesus offers her a drink of his living water. Man offers a woman, Jew offers a Samaritan, he who is perfectly holy offers a public sinner! Others would have shunned her, or run a mile. But not Jesus, he accepted her just as she was. Or did he?


As the conversation unfolds Jesus challenges her lifestyle with her many husbands and men. He actually challenges it by just simply stating it; the condemnation in her own heart does the rest. And even though she tries to change the subject, it is clear that is not all that is changing! She is so changed by meeting Jesus that she is able to go and bring her friends, telling them she has found the Messiah. No shame now, she has changed. And even though that change has had no time to show itself in her lifestyle, we are left with the impression that it will. Jesus, not her collection of men, is the centre of her life now.  Jesus is in, they are out.

I think this lady was helped by knowing “Jesus accepted her just as she was”, because once she met Jesus she no longer wanted to stay as she was. That is the key; because Jesus loves us so much he does not want us to stay as we are. We are sinners, unacceptable to God, damaging others and ourselves. We may not have known it before meeting Jesus – but we know it once we have met him!  The slogan “Jesus accepts us just as we are” is a comfort because it becomes door to our salvation. We can praise Jesus that he came and rescued us, while we were still sinners, “just as we are”.

Is This Acceptance a Comfort to All?

But is the slogan a comfort to everyone? What about the person who does not want to change, not bring themselves into line with God’s ways, even once they have met Jesus? To such a person “Jesus accepts me just as I am” becomes the slogan of their self-justification. “This is the way I am – I do not need to change.”

Consider the rich young ruler, Jesus said: “You still lack one thing. Sell all that you have and distribute to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.” But when he (the rich young ruler) heard this, he became very sorrowful, for he was very rich.  (Luke 18:22). Did Jesus accept him just as he was? Or did He want something to change?

Consider the Pharisees, Jesus said: Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you cleanse the outside of the cup and dish, but inside you are full of extortion and self-indulgence. Mat 23:25. Did Jesus accept them just as they were? Or did He want something to change?

And You?

Consider yourself, does Jesus accept you just as you are?  Or does He want something to change?

He offers you living water, just as you are now. If you drink you will never be “just as you are now” again, you will be changed into his likeness; in your standing with God, in your heart, in your attitudes, in your lifestyle.

“Jesus accepts us just as we are.” Is this a slogan you use to hang on to your sins, or a slogan that encourages you to lose them?

Come to Jesus – just as you are. Drink of his living water and you will become just as he meant you to be.


Questions to Explore

What is a Deeper Life In Jesus Christ? A deeper life in Christ is one where there has been significant spiritual growth since the Christian life has started. A greater understanding of the principles of the Christian life from a knowledge of the Bible. A deeper, personal knowledge of Jesus love. A greater experience of his presence. An increase in holiness, with a life becoming more like His. More of his power to serve him. All this produces a desire to love Him and worship Him more. There is no limit to a deeper life in Jesus. The apostle Paul encourages us to aim for all the fullness of God (Eph 3:19). More ...

Are You Thirsty for Jesus?It was during a religious festival that Jesus issued a remarkable statement: "If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink" (John 7:37). Now it may have been a hot day, and a glass of water would not have gone amiss in the hard slog of a formal religious service, but that is not where Jesus was coming from.

Jesus knew that deep in every person is a longing, a disquiet, that can only be satisfied when the soul is in contact with the God who created them. He called this longing a thirst - a thirst for God. More ...

What Does It Mean to Love Jesus? A Christian is someone who loves Jesus, according to one popular definition. But what is it to love Jesus? Is it a feeling or is it something more concrete. At the very minimum we will not be afraid of him, even though he knows our lives intimately and completely - failures and secrets included! But, going further, we would also have a desire for him, not just to please him but for Him - personally. Further, if we love Jesus, we can expect to be open with him, to allow him to search us. But is there still something more? More ...

What is the Presence of God? The presence of God can be thought of in three ways. Firstly his omnipresence - his presence everywhere in the universe: upholding creation, ruling the nations, convicting unbelievers etc. Secondly his gracious presence - his special presence with believers, imparting the benefits of Christ, guiding with his Spirit and speaking with us. Thirdly his felt presence with believers, which he does on special occasions, directly assuring us of our salvation. The Bible shows us how we can recognise his presence. More ...

What is Baptism with the Spirit? If there is any doctrine that has divided Christians the most this must be a candidate! Yet however hard it is to define, it is a wonderful offer from Jesus himself: "John baptised with water, but I will baptise you with the Holy Spirit". The contrast is with the things the world offers and the things Jesus offers. Ritual versus the Spirit, service in your power versus service in His, worship in form versus being caught up in wonder, love and praise. If you know you have too much attachment to the things of this world, and too little of Jesus in your life, ask him to baptise you with his Spirit. You will be filled with a greater love for Jesus, serve him with more power and become more like him. More ...

What is Wrong with Religion? It depends what is meant by religion! If "religion" means trusting Jesus Christ to save you from your sins then it is excellent. If "religion" means loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength then nothing could be better. But if by "religion" a person means attending church, performing rituals, identifying with a Christian culture, but stopping short of a personal relationship with Jesus then religion is bad news. It is bad because it fools the person into thinking life is satisfying and eternity has been secured when in reality neither are true. Religion, not even Christianity, does not save, only Jesus does. Religion never satisfied, only Jesus does. It comes down to a choice: Religion or Jesus. More ...

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